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Marble Plate with Intricate Inlay Artwork

Marble Plate with Intricate Inlay Artwork

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The Max Bee Handcrafted Marble Plate features intricate inlay artwork made with Carnelian semi-precious gemstone. Combining the rustic beauty of marble and the glimmer of Carnelian, this stunning plate is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.

1. Lapis lazuli - Blue Stone
2. Malachite - Green Stone.
3. Carnelian - Orange Red Stone.
4. Turquoise - Sky Blue Stone.
5. Paua Shell - Colorful Shiny.
6. Jasper - Brown Stone.
7. Mother of Pearl - White Shining Stone.

Outer area size:

Size of Box 8 x 6 inches Approx

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